– Rumi

The transformative power of makeup has always inspired me– I love being able to work with faces of all shapes, colors, skin types and ages. For every occasion, my goal is simple: help you look like the best possible version of yourself.

Oddly enough, my dad sparked my interest in beauty. He was religious about washing his face daily. Naturally, the first makeup I ever wore came from my mom. Who knew that a palette of frosty eye shadows would be the beginning of my future career?

My artistry started in high school. With prom, theatre and other special occasions I had plenty of ‘test clients’. But it was my work with a successful esthetician that showed me a practical application for my beauty obsession. I was determined to make it my career.

I graduated from Douglas J Aveda Institute in 2011 and obtained my Esthetician license shortly after. Continuing my education and keeping up with current trends are key to my work. I’ve attended artistry seminars and workshops on everything from bridal makeup to contouring and reverse contour to advanced airbrush courses. I have also played with fantasy, avant garde and theatrical makeup.

In my spare time I enjoy both seeing and performing theatre, singing, yoga, and cooking for friends. My family and friends are my greatest support in my freelance career. I could not do what I love without their encouragement, suggestions and referrals.

I also enjoy giving back to the community, and as a Grand Rapids makeup artist, I have donated my time to a variety of non-profit organizations including: DisArt, Kid’s Food Basket, Grand Rapids Grand Awards, and Circle Theatre.

Feel free to contact me– I would love to work with you.